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DALE E. BOISSO, Ph.D. Consulting Economist


230 Wellington Road Irving, Texas 75063 214-394-3165 Dale@BoissoAndAssociates.com


BOISSO ASSOCIATES is an economics consulting firm in the Dallas, Texas area. Prior to starting his own firm, Dr. Boisso was a Senior Economist at Ruhter & Reynolds, Inc., a Senior Engagement Manager at Navigant Consulting Group, Inc., and a Manager of Forensic and Litigation Services at KPMG Peat Marwick, LLP.


Dr. Boisso earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Eastern Illinois University, a Master of Arts degree in Economics from Eastern Illinois University, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) in Economics from Southern Methodist University.


Commercial Litigation Dr. Boisso has substantial experience in preparation of, and defense against, lost profits claims. He has prepared detailed lost revenue and avoided costs models, utilizing historical parameters, market factors, statistical inquiry, and future projections. Additionally, he has applied market and economic parameters to analyze market position, calculate appropriate discount rates, and develop support for critical assumptions. Dr. Boisso has critiqued opposing experts’ reports, assisted counsel in preparation for testimonies by experts including Daubert hearings, and created trial exhibits and demonstratives. Some industries in which Dr. Boisso has business litigation experience include:

· Automotive Maintenance Services · Cable Network Television · Cattle Feedlot Operations · Children’s Toys · Commercial Cleaning Services · Commercial Real Estate Development · Computer Hardware · Convenience Store · Exercise Equipment · Franchised Labor Staffing Services

· Grey Market Automobile Parts Sales · Helicopter Replacement Parts · Home Remodeling Materials · Limousine Services · Movie Theatres · Multi-Level Network Marketing · Natural Gas Brokerage Services · Organic Farming Operations · Outdoor Living Spaces Design · Telephone Switching Equipment

Lost Earnings

Dr. Boisso has calculated lost earnings in numerous cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. His experience includes modeling economic losses due to personal injury, wrongful death, and wrongful termination of employees in a variety of industries. Additionally, he has analyzed the value of lost household services and calculated the present value of forecast medical expenses. Dr. Boisso has critiqued opposing experts’ reports and assisted counsel in preparation for depositions and trial. Some occupations (of claimants) for which Dr. Boisso has calculated lost earnings are:

· Airline Flight Attendant · Accountant · Attorney · Boat Salesperson · Child · Computer Hardware Marketing Director · Environmental Consultant · Fireman · Homemaker · Information Technologist · Insurance Broker

· Office Manager · Ophthalmologist · Power Plant Technician · Real Estate Broker · Retail Clerk · Retail Store Owner · Scientist · Self-employed Handyman · Special Education School Counselor · Stockbroker · Truck Driver

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