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Intellectual Property Infringement Dr. Boisso’s experience in patent and copyright infringement cases includes evaluation of the Georgia Pacific factors, determination of reasonable royalty rates, calculation of lost revenues and avoided costs, estimation of increased costs of business, and analysis of price erosion. He has critiqued opposing experts’ reports, assisted counsel in preparation for testimony of experts and Daubert challenges, and created trial exhibits and demonstratives. Some industries in which Dr. Boisso has patent and copyright infringement experience include:

· Computer Audio Chips · Computer Software · Electrical Switches · House Floor Plan Designs

· Musical Compositions · Political Campaign Symbols · Railroad Cars · Refrigeration Units

Employment Discrimination

Dr. Boisso has conducted statistical analyses of gender, racial and age discrimination claims in a number of cases. Collectively, these matters include both individual claimants and classes of employees. He has calculated lost earnings consequent to pay and promotion differentials between groups of employees. Additionally, he has calculated reasonable allocations of proposed settlements between back pay, front pay, compensatory damages, and prejudgment interest in several class action suits. Industries in which Dr. Boisso has analyzed employment discrimination are:

· Customer Service Call Center · Credit Card Issuer · Grocery Store Chain

· Home Remodeling Retail Store Chain · Newspaper · Sugar Refining

Antitrust Dr. Boisso has performed market definition analyses in cases involving both monopoly and monopsony. Additionally, he has calculated lost profits in separate matters concerning predatory pricing and denial of essential facilities; prepared economic and econometric analyses to investigate price fixing allegations against a major bakery in Texas; and evaluated liability issues stemming from allegations of wage suppression. His work in the latter case laid the foundation for strong negotiating positions for his defendant clients that led to favorable settlements amounting to fractions of pennies on the dollar. Some industries in which Dr. Boisso has antitrust experience are:

· Bakery Goods · Cardiothoracic Surgical Services · Dairy Products

· Oil & Gas Drilling Services · School Book Depositories · Waste Disposal Services

Business Valuation

Dr. Boisso has used several methods to determine the value of a business, including discounted cash flow, guideline (comparable) companies, acquisition costs, and capitalization of net income. Critical issues addressed in various valuations include determining a discount rate for an un-established business, minority interest discounts, and discounts for lack of marketability. Examples of industries in which Dr. Boisso has business valuation experience include:

· Cable Television Network · Real Estate Market Research Services · Medical Waste Disposal Services

· Physicians’ Practices · Pizza Manufacturer

Economic Impact Studies Dr. Boisso has done various economic impact studies for clients, including: Evaluated the impact of off-track wagering on the horse husbandry and racing industries in Texas; Examined the impact to the State of Texas of not paying a large court settlement in a breach of contract lawsuit against the State; Estimated and testified about fair- return prices for automobile towing services regulated by various municipalities in Texas.


Dr. Boisso has given expert testimony on his findings and opinions in numerous depositions and trials in state and federal court, as well as to city councils and a state regulatory commission.

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