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Movement, Ghost or Phantom Line

These lines are a series of dashes and very short dashes and are used to show movement or imply direction. These typically are used instead of a dashed line to show an alternate position of an object that can be moved. One object would be drawn with a solid line and its alternate position would be dashed or a phantom line. This can include bi-swing doors, the space needed for drawer and cabinet door openings, sliding door opening direction, hinge points for doors and windows in elevation views, etc.

Leader Line

Leader lines are used to connect notes or references to objects or lines in a drawing. Leader lines start as a solid line and end in an arrow. Leader lines may be drawn at an angle or curved.

Break Lines

Break lines are used when the extents of a drawing cannot fit on the size of paper being used for the drawing. It can also be used when you only need to illustrate a portion of a design or a partial view.

Center Line

Center lines are used to indicate the center of a plan, object, circle, arc, or any symmetrical object. Use a series of very long and short dashes to create a center line. If two center lines intersect use short dashes at the intersection.

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