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hierarchical dimension lines are placed 1/2" from each other. The innermost dimension, the opening dimension, are 1” to 1-1/2” away from the plan, never touching it.

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    Dimension technique

The text of the dimension is always written on the top or left of the dimension line. Extension lines are used to bring the dimension line a distance from the object so it is easily read and not confused as part of the object. The extension line starts about 1/16” from the edge of the object, never toughing it. And it extends about 1/8” past the dimension line. At the intersection of the extension line and the dimension line is a “tick.” The tick mark on a dimension line is an important detail and crosses at a 45 degree angle at the intersection of the dimension and extension lines. It is typically 1/8” long, however this may vary with the size and scale of a drawing. Use your best judgment, but typically a tick mark is the length of the overlap of the dimension and extension lines (for example if you overlap the lines by 1/8” then the tick mark will be 1/8” in length). The height of dimension text is typically between 3/16" to 1/8", but not below 3/32” when printed. This assures its readability. Dimension text doesn’t touch the line. See Figure 28 for an example.

Figure 28. Dimension techniques for floor plans

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