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presentations in the early phase of a design project, then, when the designs are approved and fully developed, they are transferred to vellum.

DRAFTING VELLUM (also called TRACING VELLUM) is a high-grade white (or slightly tinted) transparent paper that takes pencil well, and from which pencil lines can be easily erased. Reproductions can be made directly from pencil drawings on drafting vellum. Vellum also takes pen and ink well. On most papers, ink will bleed (that is spread and absorb into the paper). Ink lines on vellum are crisp and solid as it does not absorb the ink readily; however, caution must be taken to not unintentionally smear the ink before it dries.

GRID or GRAPH PAPER is available in a variety of grid patterns. Most grid media used in interior design has 4 squares per inch. This can represent 1/4" scale for drawing purposes. It is used for planning, drawing, rough design sketching, technical sketches, or simply under a sheet of trace as a guide.


Most drafting media are available in three styles: rolls, plain sheets, and preprinted sheets with borders and title blocks. There are also sheets available with non-photo blue (a light blue color that does not reproduce when making blueprints) grids. Entry level design projects at the University of Minnesota require the student designer to create borders and title blocks, so plain sheets or rolls will be used primarily throughout the first year.

According to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) in the United States an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper is an architectural “A” size sheet. This is typically referred to as letter size. The “B” size sheets are 11 x 17 and are typically referred to as a "tabloid" size sheet of paper. The “C” size sheets are 18 x 24 inches and the “D” size sheets are 24 x 36 inches. Most drafting for interior design purposes is done on the B, C, and D size sheets. The decision for choosing a size should be based on project

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