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This document is being communicated to you solely for the purposes of providing our views on current market trends.

This document is being communicated to you on a confidential basis and does not carry any right of publication or disclosure to any third party. By accepting delivery of this document each recipient undertakes not to reproduce or distribute this presentation in whole or in part, nor to disclose any of its contents (except to its professional advisers) without the prior written consent of ICICI HFC, who the recipient agrees has the benefit of this undertaking. The recipient and its professional advisers will keep permanently confidential information contained herein and not already in the public domain.

This document is not an offer, invitation or solicitation of any kind to buy or sell any security and is not intended to create any rights or obligations. Nothing in this document is intended to constitute legal, tax, securities or investment advice, or opinion regarding the appropriateness of any investment, or a solicitation for any product or service. The use of any information set out in this document is entirely at the recipient's own risk.

The information set out in this document has been prepared by ICICI HFC based upon projections which have been determined in good faith by ICICI HFC. There can be no assurance that such projections will prove to be accurate. ICICI HFC does not accept any responsibility for any errors whether caused by negligence or otherwise or for any loss or damage incurred by anyone in reliance on anything set out in this document. The information in this document reflects prevailing conditions and our views as of this date, all of which are subject to change. In preparing this document we have relied upon and assumed, without independent verification, the accuracy and completeness of all information available from public sources or which was provided to us or which was otherwise reviewed by us. Past performance cannot be a guide to future performance.

No reliance may be placed for any purpose whatsoever on the information contained in this document or on its completeness. The information set out herein may be subject to updating, completion, revision, verification and amendment and such information may change materially.


Research & Consultancy

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