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BANQUE SAUDI FRANSI CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET As at December 31, 2008 and 2007 - page 13 / 51





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NOTES TO THE CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS For the years ended December 31, 2008 and 2007 _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Specific provisions are evaluated individually for all different types of loans and advances, whereas the additional provisions are evaluated based on collective impairment of loans and advances, and are created for credit losses where there is objective evidence that the unidentified potential losses are present at the balance sheet date. The amount of the specific provision is the difference between the carrying amount and the estimated recoverable amount. The collective provision is based upon deterioration in the internal gradings or external credit ratings allocated to the borrower or group of borrowers, the current economic climate in which the borrowers operate and the experience and historical default patterns that are embedded in the components of the credit portfolio. These internal gradings take into consideration factors such as any deterioration in country risk, industry, as well as identified structural weaknesses or deterioration in cash flows.

Financial assets are written off only in circumstances where effectively all possible means of recovery have been exhausted. Once a financial asset has been written down to its estimated recoverable amount, special commission income is thereafter recognized based on the rate of special commission that was used to discount the future cash flows for the purpose of measuring the recoverable amount.

When a financial asset is uncollectible, it is written off against the related provision for impairment through provision for impairment account. Financial assets are written off only in circumstances where effectively all possible means of recovery have been exhausted, and the amount of the loss has been determined.

If, in a subsequent period, the amount of the impairment loss decreases and the decrease can be related objectively to an event occurring after the impairment was recognized (such as an improvement in the debtor’s credit rating), the previously recognized impairment loss is reversed by adjusting the allowance account. The amount of the reversal is recognized in the consolidated statement of income in impairment charge for credit losses

Loans whose terms have been renegotiated are no longer considered to be past due but are treated as new loans. Restructuring policies and practices are based on indicators or criteria which, indicate that payment will most likely continue. The loans continue to be subject to an individual or collective impairment assessment.

m) Other real estate

The Bank, in the ordinary course of business, acquires certain real estate against settlement of due loans and advances. Such real estate is considered as assets held for sale and are initially stated at the lower of net realizable value of due loans and advances and the current fair value of the related properties, less any costs to sell. No depreciation is charged on such real estate.

Subsequent to the initial recognition, such real estate are revalued on a periodic basis and unrealized losses on revaluation, and losses or gains on disposal, are charged or credited to operating income or expense.

n) Property and equipment

Property and equipment are stated at cost and presented net of accumulated depreciation and amortization. Freehold land is not depreciated. The cost of other Property and equipment is depreciated and amortized using the straight line method over the estimated useful lives of the assets as follows:

Buildings Leasehold improvements

33 years Over the lease period or 10 years, whichever is shorter

Furniture, equipment and vehicles

4 to10 years

The assets’ residual values and useful lives are reviewed, and adjusted if appropriate, at each balance sheet date.

Gains and losses on disposals are determined by comparing proceeds with carrying amount. These are included in consolidated statement of income.


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