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BANQUE SAUDI FRANSI CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET As at December 31, 2008 and 2007 - page 15 / 51





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NOTES TO THE CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS For the years ended December 31, 2008 and 2007 _______________________________________________________________________________________________

s) De-recognition of financial instruments

A financial asset or a part of financial assets, or a part of group of similar financial assets is derecognized when the contractual rights to the cash flows from the financial asset expires and if the Bank has transferred substantially all the risks and rewards of ownership. Where the Bank has neither transferred nor retained substantially all the risks and rewards of ownership, the financial asset is derecognised only if the Bank has not retained control of the financial asset. The Bank recognises separately as assets or liabilities any rights and obligations created or retained in the process. A financial liability or a part of a financial liability can only be derecognised when it is extinguished, that is when the obligation specified in the contract is either discharged, cancelled or expires.


Zakat and income tax

Under Saudi Arabian Zakat and Income tax laws, zakat and income tax are the liabilities of Saudi and foreign shareholders, respectively. Zakat is computed on the Saudi shareholders’ share of equity and / or net income using the basis defined under the zakat regulations. Income tax is computed on the foreign shareholders share of net income for the year.

Zakat and income tax are not charged to the Bank’s consolidated statement of income as they are deducted from the dividends paid to the shareholders.

u) Investment management and brokerage services

The Bank offers investment and brokerage services to its customers, through its subsidiaries, which include management of certain investment funds in consultation with professional investment advisors and brokerage services. The Bank’s share of these funds is included in the available for sale investments and fees earned are disclosed under related party transactions.

Incomes from the subsidiaries are included in the consolidated statement of income under fee from banking services.

Assets held in trust or in a fiduciary capacity are not treated as assets of the Bank and accordingly are not included in the consolidated financial statements.

v) Islamic banking products

In addition to the conventional banking, the Bank offers its customers certain non-interest based banking products, which are approved by its Shariah Board, as follows:

High level definitions of Islamic banking products

(i) Murabaha is an agreement whereby the Bank sells to a customer a commodity or an asset, which the bank has purchased and acquired based on a promise received from the customer to buy. The selling price comprises the cost plus an agreed profit margin.

(ii) Mudarabah is an agreement between the Bank and a customer whereby the Bank invests in a specific transaction. The Bank is called “rabb-ul-mal”,while the management and work is exclusive responsibility of the customer ,who is called “mudarib”. The profit is shared as per the terms of the agreement but the loss is borne by the Bank.

(iii) Ijarah is a an agreement whereby the Bank, acting as a lessor, purchases or constructs an asset for lease according to the customer request (lessee), based on his promise to lease the asset for an agreed rent and specific period that could end by transferring the ownership of the leased asset to the lessee.


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