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Stomos AB

producers to the highest bidder. Proceeding from the above, as at the moment the demand exceeds many time the supply on the market, the producers in Russia dictates the terms for the supply. Right now, the universal term for any kind of delivery (either domestic market or for export) to any kind of buyer (either commercial or state firm) from any country is 100% advance payment with product loading at the producer’s plant within 21 days after prepayment is registered on the bank account of the producer. Please do not try to persuade us to change this term, as it is not in our power. This term is dictated by the producer of the product and it is not negotiable. If you do not like this payment term, we strongly recommend you to turn your attention to the mazut marks with sulphur content 1,0-3,5%.

  • Information about normal sulphur mazut with sulphur content 1-3.5% supply This product can be supplied both from Russia and from CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan). Both origins supply according to the Russian GOST 10585-99. The difference between the origins is only in price. The Russian origin mazut has higher price.

  • Logistic Cisterns: 60MT/cistern Vessel: 25000MT/tanker Please bare in mind that mazut 100 is considered:

    • 1)

      heavy oil product, that is dirty oil product, meaning:

      • a)

        the order of cisterns for transportation to the transport agent is done 3 weeks in advance;

      • b)

        most of all storage facilities in the sea ports are reserved for the light oil products; the order of such facilities should be done also in advance.

    • 2)

      combustible product, meaning: transportation costs are higher than for the usual kind of merchandise not requiring special means of transportation.

  • Transportation and delivery terms

    • 1)

      by railway in cisterns to the border; DAF terms

    • 2)

      by railway in cisterns to the seaport, then by tanker; CIF terms

  • Prices

Prices are changing twice per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please contact us for the quote.

  • Payment Terms

    • 1)

      very low/low sulphur mazut with sulphur content 0,5-1%, Russian origin 100% advance payment for each separate shipment party.

    • 2)

      normal sulphur mazut with sulphur content 1-3,5%, Russian origin/CIS origin L/C; irrevocable, transferable, dividable, confirmed

  • Contract

Stomos AB is the supplier of the product. The delivery contract is signed with Stomos AB. Upon request a draft of the standard delivery contract will be send to you.

Stomos AB Post address Box 19, 13821 Älta, Stockholm, Sweden Telephone + 46 (0) 8 773 3470 Fax + 46 (0) 8 773 3470 E-mail info@stomos.com Web Site www.stomos.net

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