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Vice President for Finance

Collaboration with Lincoln laboratory

Lincoln Laboratory is now partnering with campus to leverage the eCAT³ portal and our contracts. We are also looking at how to source and negotiate contracts more collaboratively where possible.


Procurement worked with its two major furniture vendors, Office Environments of New England (OE) and Creative Office Pavilion, to provide stocking programs for the Institute. Furniture is a commodity which typically can have long lead times for delivery. One of our goals was to create stocking programs, and both companies are now stocking some of the more popular office items in small quantities with a two to three day delivery. Also, OE is the first furniture supplier to be in the eCAT³ portal. The community has the ability to enter OE quotes or purchase from their stocking program.

Procurement Card Program

In an ongoing effort to enhance the Procurement Card (ProCard) Program in FY2008, we implemented two process improvements: the utilization of FileMaker for audits and the implementation of on-campus audits. The use of FileMaker will be implemented in September 2008. It will enable Procurement to automate the way it handles daily and monthly audits. FileMaker gives us the capability to review each card holder’s history to better understand the card holder’s normal spending patterns and to reduce the number of unnecessary audits. On-campus audits were implemented in January 2008. By implementing these audits we have achieved an increased communication between card holders and the Procurement Card Team, increased education on card use, reduced swept charges and violations, and increased card use for acceptable purchases.

During FY2008 ProCard volume increased, from 143,120 transactions totaling $28,852,315 in FY2007 to 149,208 transactions totaling $30,767,000 in FY2008.

Vendor Fair

Another successful vendor fair was held in September 2007 with 110 vendors and approximately 1,500 community members under the tent. The one-day annual event was enjoyed by all.


The Travel Office is headed up by Paul Arsenault, assistant to the controller. In January of 2008, the Travel Office released a revised travel policy to the MIT Community. Some notable changes include:

  • Allowing the purchase of business class (first class if business class is not offered) tickets on domestic flights that have in-air flying time of six hours or if any part of a round-trip airfare is in excess of six hours

  • Eliminating the submission of receipts for expenses under $75 (travelers still need to submit receipts for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and expenses in excess of $75)

MIT Reports to the President 2007–2008


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