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Diversity Sensitivity One-on-One Training

First Impression Management, Inc.

impact of individual comfort level on workplace effectiveness is clarified, and specific suggestions for improving individual understanding of diverse groups are offered.

Gain Insight; Take Action, Value Diversity The Discovering Diversity Profile helps individuals in an organization:

Discover their personal comfort level with people who are different from themselves Understand the impact of their behavior on others Assess the accuracy of their knowledge about differences Limit the influence of stereotypes Reduce conflict Transform knowledge into acceptance and empathy

The Discovering Diversity Online Assessment provides about a 20 page report that enables the individual to explore their own viewpoints on workforce diversity in four key areas: Knowledge, Understanding, Acceptance and Behavior. The Diversity Online version has an expanded PERSONALIZED Diversity Comfort Level Grid with specific scores in the areas of Stereotype, Information, Awareness, Empathy, Receptiveness, Respect, Self-awareness and Interpersonal Skills. The report also includes a detailed action plan worksheet for directed discussions.

How it Works: We send the participant, via e-mail, their personal access code. They click on the link, enter their access code and respond to the questions. The assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete. Upon completion, their report is generated and is available for them to view in Adobe Reader PDF format. They will be able to print their report and even save it for future reference. We also use the report during the training session.


Learning Objectives

Module 1: How Stereotypes are Born

Module 1: How Stereotypes are Born

Activity: Identify participant’s expectations and concerns Review of “worst” and “best” items Define Diversity and why we value it Understanding how stereotypes can lead to ineffective communication Activity: List ways the nation is becoming more diverse Overview of recent court cases Discussion: Changes and effects of diversity in our culture

After completing this module, participant will be able to: Identify their expectations regarding seminar content, structure and outcomes Define and describe the process of valuing diversity Recognize and appreciate that we tend to react most strongly to visible differences Understanding that awareness is a “two- way” street and all cultures need to adapt

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