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Diversity Sensitivity One-on-One Training

First Impression Management, Inc.

Module 2: Diversity Affects Us All Review Diversity Profile Position profile – this is not a test, it’s an opportunity to examine your feelings in privacy Assist in interpretation of the profile

Module 2: Diversity Affects Us All After completing this module, participant will



Recognize that diversity affects and is

affected by each individual Recognize that diversity refers to a number of dimensions, including:


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Who the individual is as a person The effects of his or her culture His or her key insights and vision How he or she achieves results

Module 3: Where do Biases and Prejudices Come From? Activity: List some of the biases people may have Activity: List some of the prejudices people may have Discuss: Possible actions to take based on profile data

Module 3: Where do Biases and Prejudices Come From? After completing this module, participant will be able to: Recognize common prejudices and reactions to issues of differences Understand that they are NOT alone in their perceptions of differences – everyone has biases and prejudices

Module 4: Perceptions Activity: How do we form our ideas and attitudes? This activity examines how our personal identity – who we are – influences our view of those who are different from us. Activity – First thought (examine our biases and prejudices) Intrapersonal awareness model Factors that influence our perceptions: Values, Biases, Aura, Projection Activity: On Being Different. This activity has participant recalling a situation where they felt different from others.

Module 4: Perceptions After completing this module, participant will be able to: Explore and recognize their personal biases and stereotypes Identify the factors that influence how they perceive others Identify and assess the impact of past conditioning on their current attitudes about people who are different Recognize and understand the levels of personal awareness Recognize that a true appreciation of the value of differences must be experienced at all levels

Module 5: Moving Towards Valuing Differences Activity: Describe the ideal workplace

Activity: Creating a multicultural workplace. This activity has participant describing what their workplace could be like if diversity were truly embraced and valued. Activity: Individual plans for change. This activity has participant identify changes that their organization will need to make

Module 5: Moving Toward Valuing Differences After completing this module, participant will be able to:

Describe an ideal situation, one that

demonstrates valuing diversity in the workplace Identify specific strategies and steps that contribute to the realization of the ideal workplace Commit themselves to an action plan

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