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This book is a product of a research project called ‘voices of youth’ carried out - page 74 / 125





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A Lost Generation: Young People and Conflict in Africa

bush.’ It gives me a lot of fear because she hates me too much. She goes around telling people that she cannot waste her time taking care of my son because in future the boy will start looking for the whereabouts of his father. It makes me feel bad because I know the boy has no clan because I was raped by different men.

I did not pass through any rehabilitation centre but I must say the group30 makes us happy. Many of us can afford to laugh. Group work is so good. It is the only place that we get encouragement. I really feel I need someone to help my child, because for me at least I have the group to turn to.


Monica grew up in a place called Bobi, located on the border of Gulu, Lira and Apac districts of northern Uganda. She is the sixth born in a family of 7 children. Her father had only one wife (her mother). She started primary one up to primary three in a school called St. Thomas in Minakulu sub-county, Apac district. When she was in P.3 she was abducted, that was on the 30th/11/1991. She stayed in the bush for 13 years where she was forced into a marriage with a commander. She recently gained skills training in tailoring and she sews to get an income. She also has a fish selling business that is operated by her brother. Monica gets adult literacy training at Action International Organization.

I was abducted with my three brothers, on the 30th November 1991 at around 3.00 a.m. in the morning. I tried to resist but I was beaten seriously with a panga (machete). They asked for money and after one of my brothers gave them money they decided to release my three brothers but not me. I stayed in Sudan for six years before I could come back to Uganda.

I was only 10 years old when I was abducted. They could not give me to a man immediately because I was too young. However in 1992 when I turned 11 I was given to a man who was 40 years old, I was not his only wife, he had five other women. This man is the father of my five children. I gave birth to four children while still in captivity and conceived the fifth child. Life became very hard for me, it was almost unbearable. When my husband saw my suffering he decided to release me and I stayed in the GUSCO rehabilitation centre for 3 months because I was pregnant.

I was reunited with my family and started staying with my brother. However, my brother could not support me so I had to start renting my own house with the little money I was given from GUSCO. Life was not easy. The owner of the house I was renting started complaining that my children behaved like soldiers and I had to look for another place because my children would chase away the rest of the


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