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Framework Auxiliary Classes

class FileDataSource: The FileDataSource class implements a simple DataSource object that encapsulates a file. It provides data typing services via a FileTypeMap object.

class FileTypeMap: The FileTypeMap is an abstract class that provides a data typing interface for files. Implementations of this class will implement the getContentType methods which will derive a content type from a file name or a File object. FileTypeMaps could use any scheme to determine the data type, from examining the file extension of a file (like the MimetypesFileTypeMap) to opening the file and trying to derive its type from the contents of the file. The FileDataSource class uses the default FileTypeMap (a MimetypesFileTypeMap unless changed) to determine the content type of files.

class MimetypesFileTypeMap: This class extends FileTypeMap and provides data typing of files via their file extension. It uses the .mime.types format.

class URLDataSource: The URLDataSource class provides an object that wraps a URL object in a DataSource interface. URLDataSource simplifies the handling of data described by URLs within the JavaBeans Activation Framework because this class can be used to create new DataHandlers.

class MailcapCommandMap: MailcapCommandMap extends the CommandMap abstract class. It implements a CommandMap whose configuration is based on mailcap files (RFC 1524). The MailcapCommandMap can be configured both programmatically and via configuration files.

class ActivationDataFlavor: The ActivationDataFlavor is a special subclass of java.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor. It allows the JAF to set all three values stored by the DataFlavor class via a new constructor as well as improved MIME parsing in the equals method. Except for the improved parsing, its semantics are identical to that of the JDK’s DataFlavor class.

class UnsupportedDataTypeException: Signals that requested operation does not support the requested data type.

class MimeType: A Multipurpose Internet Extension (MIME) type, as defined in RFC 2045 and 2046.

class com.sun.activation.viewers.*: A few simple example viewer Beans (text and image).

10.0 Document Change History

May 13,1997:Initial Public Draft 1

Aug 1, 1997: Internal Review Draft 2

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