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The Spacelab D-1 payload operations support team is located in the payload operations center at the German Space Operations Center (GSOC) at the DFVLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich. The team is headed by the Payload Operations Director (POD), who reports to the Mission Manager. The support team will work in shifts complementary to those of the flight crew.

The mission control room at the GSOC will accommodate the operations cadre team. This includes the POD, the Payload Activity Planner (PAP), the Science Coordinator, the Crew Interface Coordinator (CIC) and the Data Management Coordinator (DMC), as well as their assistants. Consoles with voice stations are provided with access to video screens.

A computer interface with graphics and terminals to assist the Mission Planning and Scheduling System (MPSS) with timeline replanning is available for the replanning team located in the Mission Planning Room (MPR). The software includes an orbit generation program, an event generation program (to calculate contact times, for example), and editing program (to consolidate all experiment requirements), an pre-processor for checking, a scheduler to do the timeline and an output/statistics production program. All results can be hard-copied. The MPSS will be used for pre-mission timeline preparation.

For experiment support, a User Room (UR) with consoles and voice station, as well as a User Support Room (USR), will be available. Display capability with printout to monitor experiment data is provided in the UR and USR, where the experimenters will be located. During experiment operation real-time video and voice capability will be provided.

The Mission Management Room (MMR) will accommodate the Mission Manager, Mission Assurance and Safety Manager and the Crew Surgeon.

An information room, equipped with necessary support facilities for the press and other media representatives, is available for public affairs activities.

Accommodation for payload operations support network control, ground systems and communication control is established in the Network Operations Control Room (NOCR) and includes all monitoring facilities.

In addition to the UR and the USR at GSOC, remote user rooms are located at NASA/JSC for European and NASA vestibular experiments and at NASA/KSC for biological experiments. These experiments call for baseline data collection on the crew shortly before and after the flight which requires special ground support equipment. Real-time high data rates to the ground are required, as well as early access to Spacelab due to the short life-span of biological specimens.


Mission Manager

Hans-Ulrich Steimle, DFVLR

Operations Manager

Hans-Joachim Panitz, DFVLR

Mission Scientist

Prof. Peter R. Sahm, Institute of Technology, Aachen

Edited by Richard W. Orloff, 01/2001/Page 21

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