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NASA Select Television Transmission

Space Shuttle flight 61-A is dedicated to the German Spacelab mission D-1. Payload and mission specialists in Spacelab will work through the German Science Operations Center (GSOC) in Oberpfaffenhoffen, Germany, near Munich.

Television from the Spacelab will be relayed from the NASA Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center, Houston, to GSOC. These TV downlinks also will be released in real time on NASA Select television. They will be accompanied by commentary from GSOC, first in German, then in English for the 12 hours, daily, that the GSOC newsroom is active. During the remaining 12 hours, TV downlinks will continue to be released on NASA Select, but without commentary.

The German Aerospace Research Establishment (DFVLR) will provide a printed scene list to U.S. media prior to these downlinks. The NASA commentator periodically will announce that these scene lists are available in the NASA newsrooms. The NASA commentator will not discuss the activities shown on the TV downlink. All questions regarding activities on the TV downlinks will be referred to DFVLR spokespersons.

NASA-Select television coverage of Shuttle mission 61-A will be carried on a full satellite transponder:

Satcom F-2R, Transponder 13, C-Band Orbital Position: 72 degrees west longitude Frequency: 3954.5 MHz vertical polarization Audio Monaural: 6.8 MHz

NASA-Select video also is available at the AT&T Switching Center, Television Operation Control in Washington, DC, and at the following NASA locations:

NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL Dryden Flight Research Facility, Edwards, CA Ames Research Center, MountainValley, CA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

The schedule for television transmissions from the orbiter and for the change-of-shift briefings from Johnson Space Center, Houston, will be available during the mission at Kennedy Space Center, Fla.; Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL; Johnson Space Center; and NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC.

The television schedule will be updated on a daily basis to reflect changes dictated by mission operations. Television schedules also may be obtained by calling COMSTOR (713/280-8711). COMSTOR is a computer data-base service requiring the use of a telephone modem.

Special Note to Broadcasters

Beginning Oct. 23 and continuing throughout the mission, approximately 7 minutes of audio interview material with the crew of 61-A will be available to broadcasters by calling 202/269-6572.

Edited by Richard W. Orloff, 01/2001/Page 8

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