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               Securities and Exchange Board of India

the fund’s corpus in unlisted equity  or equity-linked investments of a foreign company.  Such investments will fall within the overall ceiling of 70% of the fund’s corpus. This will allow DVCFs to invest in synergistic startups offshore and also provide them with global management exposure.


Infrastructure and R&D :

Infrastructure development needs to be prioritized using government support and private management of capital through programmes similar to the Small Business Investment Companies in the United States, promoting  incubators and increasing university and research laboratory linkages with venture-financed startup firms. This would spur technological innovation and faster conversion of research into commercial products.


Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO):

A strong SRO should be encouraged for evolution of standard practices, code of conduct, creating awareness by dissemination of information about the industry.

Implementation of these recommendations would lead to creation of an enabling regulatory and institutional environment to facilitate faster growth of venture capital industry in the country.  Apart from increasing the  domestic pool of venture capital, around US$ 10 billion are expected to be brought in by offshore investors over 3/5 years on conservative estimates. This would in turn lead to increase in the value of products and services adding upto US$100 billion to GDP by 2005.  Venture supported enterprises would convert into quality IPOs providing over all benefit and protection to the investors.  Additionally, judging from the global experience, this will result into substantial and sustainable employment generation of  around 3 million jobs in skilled sector alone over next five years. Spin off effect of such activity would create other support services and further employment.  This can put India on a path of rapid economic growth and a position of strength in global economy.


Report of K B Chandrasekhar Committee on Venture Capital7

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