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Smoking Materials In areas where smoking is allowed, use large, non-tip ashtrays and make sure everything in them is cold before they are emptied. Be sure that no one leaves smoldering cigarettes on furniture or in a wastebasket.

Wiring & Appliances Designate an employee to turn off or unplug all appliances - including coffee makers - at the end of each working day. Do not overload outlets, and make sure to replace any broken or cracked electrical cords.

Fire Response Plans

  • Become familiar with your facility’s fire and life safety systems.

Know which of the following your building has, as well as their location and use:

Manual pull alarms Smoke detectors Exit doors & stairwells Sprinklers

Fire extinguishers Fire alarm monitoring service Voice alarm Fire doors

  • Common fire and life safety hazards to watch for in the workplace:

Missing or broken fire safety equipment Burned out exit lights

Accumulated trash Open fire doors Blocked stairways

  • Have a fire emergency plan.

It’s nothing difficult, just a well thought out plan that takes into consideration the unique features of each building and its occupants. This plan should be in writing, and easily available to all employees. This includes those who work weekends and off-shifts. The plan should be kept current through periodic updating. For further information on developing a fire emergency plan for your business, request the Fire Prevention Bulletin Guidelines For An Emergency Evacuation Plan by visiting the www.cityofseattle.net/fire or call the Public Education Office at 386-1337.

When a fire happens...

  • Treat every alarm as though it is a real emergency, even if the initial source is unknown.

If the alarm sounds, or a fire is suspected, call the Fire Department immediately. After calling the Fire Department, if you determine that there is no fire, but rather a malfunction of your equipment or a false alarm, call 911 and relay this information. Never wait to investigate the situation before notifying the Fire Department. Any delay will allow a fire to grow and further endanger the building occupants and property.


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