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Course Outline - Workplace Fire Safety

Keeping the interest of staff members during safety training can be a challenge - especially when you are reviewing information which employees have received in the past. Involving employees in the program is a good way to maintain their interest while increasing their knowledge level on fire safety. Also try limiting the program to under 60 minutes in length.

  • Review your facility's Emergency Response Plan

Make sure all employees have a copy of your facility’s written emergency response plan. Review the procedures as a group and make sure that they are clear to everyone.

  • View the video: FIRE...IN THE WORKPLACE.

The main points of the video include: Fire statistics - why the United States has a fire rate significantly higher than other industrialized countries. Main causes of fire in the workplace - electrical 39%, arson 21%, smoking 14% Prevention techniques for the aforementioned common causes. Employee response to a fire in the workplace - dangers of smoke, using fire extinguishers, alarm reporting, those individuals needing assistance to evacuate.

  • Discuss what to do if a fire is discovered

Review the actions to be taken if an employee discovers a fire. Remember to stress the importance of 1) alerting others in the building to begin evacuation, 2) calling 9-1-1 as quickly as possible (even if your alarm system is monitored), and 3) closing all doors as you evacuate.

  • Discuss your building's fire & life safety systems

Does everyone know what and where they are, and how they work? Which of the following does your building have and what is their importance in a fire.

smoke detectors

fire doors

manual pu elevators stairwells

ll alarms

alarm system sprinklers

  • Identify workplace fire hazards

What can you identify and what precautions should be taken?

  • Hold a fire drill

Hold a fire drill at the conclusion of your program to practice your building escape plan. Providing treats as an incentive may help raise interest.


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