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Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations ( www.eiconsortium.org )

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Organizations

Richard E. Boyatzis and Ellen Van Oosten

July 10, 2002

To appear in Roderick Millar (ed.). (2002). International Executive Development

Programmes, 7th Edition. London: Kogan Page Publishers

Frank Sims was worried as he watched the Roadway truck drive away from the

dock. Specialty Glassware (a pseudonym) was one of Roadway’s large clients. The

damage problems had been getting worse lately. He needed some Pepto Bismol. As he

walked to his office, he remembered something from a recent workshop on emotional

intelligence. Instead of worrying about the damage and an angry customer, Frank asked

himself how he could see this as an opportunity to learn something. He watched another

truck being loaded and an idea began to take shape. He thought about the customer and

wondered if the dock workers and drivers understood their customer’s concerns. He

looked for a way to engage more people in solving the customers’ problems.

That afternoon, Frank called the Senior Transportation Manager at Specialty

Glassware and got his help on the project. They videotaped various operations at the

company’s distribution center, as well as one of their plants. Michael interviewed

laborers and salespeople about their business processes for the video.

Then Frank called a special meeting at the Roadway terminal at 10:00 PM one

night. Several of the top executives from Specialty Glassware came for the meeting with


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