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unsurpassed speed and leveraging employee pride and involvement,” or “developing a

Team Sell approach.” They invited people from all of the stakeholder groups involved in

this topic. Groups of 200-300 people met for several days. They identified their

organizational Strengths and Gaps related to the shared Ideal.

At the end of the Summit, they broke into small groups to analyze a better way for

Roadway to address the overall theme. They developed a Learning Agenda for the

company about an aspect of theme of that Summit. The study groups, or action learning

teams, met regularly to analyze the specific issue over several months. To model

effective large group management, the last segment of each Summit was spent discussing

how well time was used and participants’ reactions to the Summits. These were

emotional and exciting moments when truck drivers and business managers would talk

about how proud they were to be in a company that asked for their views and cared about

their approach to the future of the company.

As they worked in action learning teams, they practiced new leadership behavior

using emotional intelligence, meanwhile experimenting and practicing new

organizational norms. They are developing their new culture while solving real problems.

They are also forming trusting relationships that are the basis for a new Roadway culture.

An example of how the culture changed and new leadership emerged was evident

in an incident in which a mechanic and a driver discovered a way to save the company

$130,000 per year on one route. Remembering that the company has 379 terminals, each

with numerous routes, they expect dramatic savings for this one incident alone.

A mechanic, a driver and the terminal manager discussed the problem of delays in

getting the drivers on the road. Overweight shipments forced the dock workers to unload

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