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Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations ( www.eiconsortium.org )


the dock crew. They described their vision, business, and strategy. They talked about

their customers, manufacturing processes and value chain. Frank showed the videotape

and the crew got to ask questions. At the end, each dock worker was presented with a

commemorative mug made by Specialty Glassware.

The dock crew was surprised and impressed that top management from one of

Roadway’s customers would put so much effort into helping them understand their

business. It made them feel good to know how their efforts fit into the big picture. They

could see how important the products were and how much care Specialty Glassware put

into serving their customer’s needs. It made them want to be more careful and find ways

to help Specialty Glassware succeed. These meetings became a story workers told new

hires as an example of Roadway being a great place to work.

Breakthrough Leadership

Frank’s experiment with new ways to be a leader is typical of many innovations

going on at Roadway Express Inc. during the last three years. Roadway Express is a

trucking company founded in 1930, with over 26,000 employees. They have 379

terminals throughout the U.S. and Canada. Existing in the highly competitive trucking

industry, company executives recognized that they needed an enduring strategy to

energize their employees around the country and outpace competition in the long run. In

1999, the company partnered with the Weatherhead School of Management at Case

Western Reserve University to begin a journey of transformation. A customized

leadership development program known as Developing Breakthrough Leadership at

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