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Following development of the ideal, each participant works toward the second discovery,

awareness of his or her Real Self. After receiving feedback from a 360 assessment of

emotional intelligence competencies, participants analyze the results with personal

coaches. In the context of their Ideal Self, this view of their Real Self allows them to

develop a Personal Balance Sheet. The Personal Balance Sheet provides a view of their

distinctive strengths, gaps (or weaknesses) close to the tipping point of effectiveness, and

those gaps further from the tipping point.

With the help of coaches, each person converts their Personal Vision and Balance

Sheet into a Learning Plan for their development as a leader-- this is the third discovery

in the process. The plan provides a focus for their future efforts. It provokes them to

think of how to use their day-to-day and week-to-week experiences as the basis for

learning. In this sense, the plan helps each person convert their life and work activities

into a learning laboratory. The planning is slightly different from typical methods

because each person is encouraged to use their own style in planning (not imposing a one

planning method for all), learning style preferences and flexibility, and structure of their

life style. The experimentation and practice occurs on the job, as evident in Frank’s

experience. These constitute the fourth discovery.

The fifth discovery in the process is actually a continuous discovery throughout

the entire process-- the development of trusting relationships that help and encourage the

person at each step in the process. It is here that coaches become so crucial to change.

The coaches help a person reflect and develop their dreams and aspirations, look at the

way they come across to others, identify strengths and weaknesses and overcome blind

spots in their leadership style. The coach helps the person “reality test” their learning

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