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United Behavioral Health

For those employees and their family members covered under one of the state health insurance programs, United Behavioral Health is the manager of mental health and substance abuse treatment. United Behavioral Health (UBH) has been providing these services since 1995 and is very familiar with the issues that state employees may face on their jobs or in their personal lives. UBH is a confidential program and any contact with UBH is not reported to anyone without your written permission to do so. The exceptions to this can include immediate risk of self harm or harming someone else, child abuse and elder abuse issues.

UBH services include referrals for counseling, residential or inpatient treatment, education services and 24 hour access to clinicians via 1-800-852-1091 or through the Live and Work Well website. (www.liveandworkwell.com). Should you follow up with a counselor for services, the co-pay is 15.00/session. There is no deductible to meet for services.

It is sometimes helpful to seek a referral for counseling to assist you with life stressors. There is a myth that seeking mental health services means that in some way you are “defective” or “crazy”. However, being able to talk with someone outside of your immediate circle of family and friends can often provide you with objective suggestions and guidance through difficult times. UBH does have an extensive network of providers with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. It should be a simple process to locate an appropriate counselor in your area within a reasonable amount of time. Knowing that information will remain confidential can also allow people to feel more comfortable.

For those employees who do not carry state health coverage, EAP can work with your insurance provider to assist you in accessing your mental health benefits and work with you to secure an appointment with the appropriate referral.

Employees who do not carry any health insurance can also access counseling services through Community based programs or programs offering a sliding fee scale. Again, EAP can assist you in locating the appropriate resources.

Contact Info: United Behavioral Health 425 Market Street, 27th Floor San Francisco, California 94105

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