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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Ticket Performance Test utility

This version includes the new Ticket Performance Test utility, which can help you assess the speed of your CounterPoint system configuration, particularly your SQL server.

The Ticket Performance Test utility is an automated testing tool that enters and posts tickets to help you evaluate your system’s performance under specific conditions. These tests can tell you, for example, “how long it takes my SQL server to accept 500 new tickets.”

You can use this utility to measure the impact that you make on your system’s performance. Use the utility before making any changes, and then again after changing hardware, changing your network configuration, creating special pricing rules, applying new Data Dictionary settings, or implementing other custom modifications. You can also compare your system’s performance to benchmark performance results published using standard Radiant hardware configurations.


Do not use the Ticket Performance Test utility with your live company database. The utility creates and posts actual tickets and should only be used on backup or test databases.

Select System / Utilities / Ticket Performance Test to access the Ticket Performance Test utility. When you select this command, the following message appears, warning you that you should not run the ticket performance test on your live company database because it creates and posts actual ticket data.

If you are connected to your live company database, click No to return to the main menu. Otherwise, click Yes to proceed.

The Parameters tab allows you to define the parameters for the ticket performance test.

Specify the Store, Station, and Drawer for which you want to generate test tickets.

Enter or look up a Customer # and a Pay code to use for the test tickets.

NOTE: The pay code must have a Pay code type of Cash.

Enter or look up an Item number, and then click the Add button to add the item to the list of items that will be used on the test tickets.

You must add at least one item to the list to run the test, but you may add as many items as you like.

Alternatively, you can click the Bulk add button to display the Bulk add dialog, and then specify the Number of items to add to automatically add that many items to the list.


Items you add to the item list must have a Tracking method of Normal.

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