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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


To remove an item from the item list, select the item and click the Delete button. You can also click the Delete all button to remove all items from the list.

You may also enter a Comment for the test, if you wish. This comment will appear on the chart of the test results when you click the corresponding point on the Chart tab.

Under Test settings, specify the number of times you want to run the ticket performance test in the Number of iterations field, and then specify the Number of tickets that will be created during each iteration of the test and the number of Lines per ticket.

If you select the Post tickets when done check box, the ticket performance test will post the test tickets that it generates and report the average ticket posting time.

You can select the Save a one ticket profiler trace check box to create a profiler trace of SQL activity for a single test ticket in the C:\Windows\System32 directory on your SQL server.


If you select the Save a one ticket profiler trace check box, but you are not connected to your SQL server as an Administrator, you will be able to run the ticket performance test, but a profiler trace will not be created.

When you are satisfied with the parameters you have defined, click the Execute button. The following message appears again, reminding you again that you should not run the ticket performance test on your live company database.

If you are certain you want to proceed, click Yes to begin the ticket performance test.

When you start the test, CounterPoint creates the Number of tickets you specified, using the listed items to create the number of Lines per ticket you specified on each ticket. Each line includes a Quantity of 1, and each ticket includes a single payment line, using the Pay code you specified, for the exact ticket balance.

If you selected the Post tickets when done check box, CounterPoint automatically counts and reconciles the specified Drawer, and then posts the test tickets, using the ticket date as the posting date.

This process repeats for the Number of iterations you specified. Finally, if you selected the Save a one ticket profiler trace check box, CounterPoint starts a SQL profiler trace, generates (and posts, if applicable) a single test ticket, and then stops the trace.

When the ticket performance test is complete, the following message appears. Click OK to return to the Ticket Performance Test window.

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