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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


The Current Results tab displays the results of the ticket performance test that just finished. The Summary area allows you to quickly review the results of the test, including the average time, in milliseconds, that was required to generate each ticket line, to complete each ticket, and to post each ticket (if applicable).

This tab also lists details about your Environment, the Parameters of the test, and your Store and Station settings.

The findings of the SQL profiler trace, if one was created, appear at the end of the test results.

You can Print the test results to your default Windows printer, or Save the results to a .csv file.

Select the Last Results tab to compare the results of the previous ticket performance test to the current results.

Select the Chart tab to display a line graph that maps the results of all ticket performance tests you have run. Each point on the graph represents the results, in milliseconds, of a single ticket performance test that was completed on the indicated date.

The red line indicates average line item creation times.

The green line indicates average ticket completion times.

The blue line indicates average ticket posting times.

Click a specific point on the graph to display the exact result of a particular test, along with the Comment text that was entered for that test.

You can Print the graph to your default Windows printer, or Save it to a bitmap (.bmp) file.

Click the Clear test results button on any tab of the Ticket Performance Test window to delete the results of all ticket performance tests you have run. When you click this button, the following message appears, prompting you to confirm the deletion of all test results.

Click Yes to clear all ticket performance test results.

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