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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Point of Sale

Stored Value Cards

CounterPoint now supports stored value cards (SVCs) from Stored Value Systems (available through their authorized representative, Gift Card Solutions), PNC Merchant Services/First Data, and Paymentech (FlexCache).

An SVC is a numbered card that represents a specific dollar value and can be redeemed at a merchant’s store. SVCs typically include a magnetic stripe encoded with a unique ID number, allowing them to be processed with a standard MSR device. The “value” of each SVC is stored in a central database that is hosted by a third-party (e.g., First Data).

Because SVCs are tracked by a third party, accurate and up-to-the-minute SVC information is always available from any merchant site, including Multi-Site Remotes or workstations running in offline mode. SVCs are particularly valuable for multi-store merchants using polling or a low-availability WAN environment, to prevent shoppers from redeeming the same card at different stores.

Merchants can use SVCs as gift certificates, store credits, or promotional items, or simply offer them to customers as an additional payment option. SVCs can also provide a single currency that can be accepted by related merchants. For example, a group of franchise stores with independent CounterPoint systems could use SVCs to issue a single store gift card that can be redeemed at any franchise store.

CounterPoint allows you to sell and redeem SVCs through regular Ticket Entry and Touchscreen Ticket Entry. You can also recharge—or add value to—an SVC, process merchandise returns to add credit to an existing SVC or activate a new one, view the current card balance, and issue cash back and clear an SVC’s remaining balance.

All SVC transactions are processed through CPGateway. Dial-up service is not available. For CounterPoint Merchant Program (CMP) merchants, CPGateway fees are not charged for SVC transactions, as they are for credit card transactions. Normal CPGateway fees apply to SVC transactions for non-CMP merchants.

Refer to Stored Value Cards in the CounterPoint SQL PDF Library for more information about configuring CounterPoint to issue and redeem SVCs.

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