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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Refunding order and layaway deposits

CounterPoint now allows an authorized user to refund some or all of the deposit money for an order or layaway. In previous versions, refunding an order deposit required the user to create a “deposit-only” release ticket or to cancel the order or layaway.

To authorize a user to refund deposits for orders and layaways select the PS security code assigned to the user in Setup / Point of Sale / Security Codes, and then select the Allow order deposit refund check box on the Orders tab and the Allow layaway deposit refund check box on the Layaways tab.

In Ticket Entry or Touchscreen Ticket Entry, authorized users can select an order from the Process Orders form or a layaway from the Process Layaways form, and then click the Refund button to display the Order Deposit Refund or Layaway Payment Refund form.

Enter a specific Refund amount or select the Refund full amount check box to set the Refund amount to the Available deposit value, and then enter or look up the Pay Code to use for the refund.

The Refund amount cannot exceed the Available deposit value.

Click the Use customer card button to issue the refund to the credit card that is on file for the customer, or click the Use last card button to issue the refund to the last credit card the customer used to make a deposit.

Click OK to issue the refund and display the Ticket Completion dialog, which allows you to print or preview a receipt for the refund.


This feature was delivered in a V8.3.4 Service Pack.

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