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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes



Create inventory

This version includes the Create Inventory utility, which allows you to quickly create inventory records for one or more locations, either by generating inventory records from existing item records or by copying inventory records that have been created for another location. This utility simplifies the process of creating a new location with similar stocking levels as an existing location, as well as creating inventory records for new items across multiple locations.

To create new inventory records using the Create Inventory utility, select Inventory / Utilities / Create Inventory, and then select the Creation method option you want to use.

Select Create from items to generate inventory records from the item records in your database for the Create for location(s) you specify.

Select Copy from another location to copy the inventory records from the Copy from location you specify to the Create for location(s).

If you select the Copy from another location method, you must enter or look up the Location from which you want to copy inventory records. With this method, you can also select the Copy bin locations and the Copy min/max stocking levels check boxes to copy Bin values and Min qty/Max qty values from the specified location to the new inventory records.


The Create Inventory utility does not establish initial on-hand quantities for new inventory records.

Whichever Creation method you choose, you must specify whether you want to create inventory records for All locations, a Single location, or a particular Location group.

You can use the Item tab to define criteria to filter the items for which inventory records will be created or copied.

Inventory records will be generated or copied for only those items that match the criteria you specify.

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