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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Inventory Snapshot report

This version of CounterPoint includes the INVENTORY SNAPSHOT report, which allows you to quickly review the quantity on hand, quantity on PO, and quantity sold values for your items and locations. This report provides a simple “snapshot” of the current status and sales history of your inventory, without requiring you to consider all of the options that are available in the more advanced MERCHANDISE ANALYSIS report.

To generate the INVENTORY SNAPSHOT report, select Inventory / Reports / Inventory Snapshot, select a Report format (i.e., Item Summary, Item-Location Detail, or Location-Item Detail) and Order by option, and then define the parameters for the report.

The Include items if qty on hard are field allows you to specify the items to include on the report, based on their Qty on hand values.

For example, select the Below minimum or Above maximum option to review only items with Qty on hand values that are below their minimum or above their maximum stocking levels.

Select the Qtys on PO are Non zero check box to include items on purchase orders in the report, regardless of their on-hand quantities.

If you selected the Item Summary format from the Report field, enter or look up a Location for the INVENTORY SNAPSHOT report, or click the All locations button to generate the report for all locations.

Use the From and To fields to define a date range for the report.

You can use the Item and Inventory tabs to define criteria to further filter the items that appear on the report.

A sample INVENTORY SNAPSHOT report is illustrated below.

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