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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Assigning mix-and-match codes to items

Once you have defined a mix-and-match code, use the Items window (Inventory / Items) to assign it to each item you want to include in the corresponding mix-and-match group.

Enter or look up the Mix-and- Match code to assign to each item you want to be eligible for the associated mix-and-match price rules.

If a mix-and-match code is based on Total weight, make sure that the items you assign it to use the same unit of measurement. In other words, do not assign the same weight- based mix-and-match code to one item whose Weight is measured in pounds and another item whose Weight is measured in ounces.

Similarly, do not assign a mix-and-match code based on Total cube to items whose volume is measured in different units (e.g., liters and gallons).


You can assign mix-and-match codes to Discount items, if you wish. However, to avoid pricing calculation issues, you should only assign mix-and-match codes that are based on Total Price-1 to Discount items.

Instead of assigning mix-and-match codes to your items one at a time, you can use the Assign mix-and-match codes utility (Inventory / Utilities / Assign Mix-and-Match Codes) to assign a mix-and-match code to a group of items all at once.

Under For these items, define the filtering criteria you want to use to determine the items which items you want to assign the specified mix-and-match code to.

Select the Assign option, and then enter or look up the Mix-and-Match code you want to assign to the items that match the specified criteria.

Select the Include items that already have a Mix-and-Match code check box to assign the specified mix-and-match code to items that already have one.

Click Preview or Print to review the ASSIGN MIX-AND-MATCH CODE report, which lists the items that match the criteria you specified. When you are satisfied with the results of this report, click Update items to assign the mix-and-match code to the specified items.


You can also select the Remove option and specify a Mix-and-Match Code to remove a mix-and-match code from items that match your filtering criteria.

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