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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Defining mix-and-match price rules

Once you have assigned a mix-and-match code to the appropriate items, you can create a special, promotional, or contract price group to define the price rules that determine how the discount for the items assigned to the mix-and-match code is calculated.

Use the Special Prices, Promotional Prices, or Contract Prices window (under Inventory / Prices) to create a new price group, and then enter or look up the Mix-and-match code to assign to the price group.

Enter a Rule description for each price rule you want to add to the mix-and-match price group, and then use the Prices tab to define the price breaks for the rule.

For example, this promotional price rule grants a 10% discount off the Price-1 value of each item assigned to the BURGERS mix-and-match code when a customer purchases 5 or more of those items.

Normally, each price break in a price rule is based on a minimum quantity. When you assign a mix-and-match code to a price group, however, the Min qty column in the price break table is updated to match the price basis for the specified mix-and-match code (i.e., Total quantity, Total price, Total weight, and so forth), allowing you to define price breaks accordingly.

You can define filtering criteria on the Items tab to determine which items each price rule applies to. For example, if a customer purchases five or more items with the BURGERS mix-and-match code, you could grant a 10% discount on items with an Item number value of BURGER, but only allow a 5% discount on CHEESBURGER items.


You cannot apply a price rule in a mix-and-match price group to an item that is not assigned to the corresponding mix-and-match code.

You use the Customers and Sales tabs to define additional filtering criteria that determine the conditions under which each price rule is applicable. For example, you could define a price rule that grants 15% off the Price-1 value of all items in the mix-and-match group for customers in a particular Category.

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