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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


The Advanced tab allows you to define the remaining import parameters.

Specify the fields in the import file that contain the Item number and Quantity values for each transfer-out transaction.

Select the Assume qty 1 check box to always use a quantity of 1 for each imported line.

If you are importing transfer-out transactions for serialized items, specify the field in the import file that contains Serial number values.


Each row in the import file that references a serialized item should include a Quantity of 1 and a single Serial number value. If the import file includes a serialized item row with a Quantity greater than 1, you must add the additional Serial number values to the resulting transfer-out document before posting.

Select the Prompt to delete file after import check box to prompt the user to remove the import file when the import process is finished.

When you have defined your import settings, you can click the Save parameters button to save them for future use. Click the Load parameters button and select a saved import parameter file to re-use those import settings.


You can save multiple import parameter files with different names to retain multiple sets of import parameters. If you do not specify a file name when you save an import parameters file, CounterPoint automatically saves your settings to the Default.TransferOut.ini file.

Before you start the import process, you can click Verify to test the import process and display a log of the results.

The log identifies any errors that will occur during the import, allowing you to modify the import file or revise your import settings before you start the import process.

For example, this log indicates that line 31 in the import file references an item number (msr123) that CounterPoint does not recognize.

The log also indicates that the import file does not include enough serial numbers for the quantity of serialized items for which transfer-out lines will be imported.

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