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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Import transfer-in transactions (Enterprise)

You can now import transfer-in transactions into CounterPoint from a Comma-Separated Value (.csv) file. This feature allows you to count merchandise using a handheld data terminal, and then import those counts to receive the transferred items.

To begin importing transfer-in transactions, select Inventory / Transfers / Transfer In / Enter to display the Transfer In Enter window.

Click the Import button to display the Import Transfer In dialog.

The Import Transfer In dialog allows you to define the necessary import parameters— including the name of the import file and the fields that contain the Item number and Quantity values—and to start the import process.

To import transfer-in transactions for an existing transfer document, select the Receive against a transfer option, and then enter or look up the Transfer # of the transfer document you want to receive.

To import transfer-in transactions without an existing transfer document, select the Receive without a transfer option, enter a new Transfer # or click Auto-assign to use the Next transfer # for your workgroup, and then specify the Transfer from and Transfer to locations.


When you select the Receive without a transfer option, the Auto-assign button is available only if a Next transfer # is assigned to your workgroup on the Numbers tab of the Workgroups window (Setup / System / Workgroups).

In the File name field, enter the path and name of the .csv file that contains the transfer-in

transactions to import, or click the

button to browse to the file.


If you do not enter the path of the import file in the File name field, CounterPoint attempts to locate the specified file in the \Import subdirectory of your company directory (e.g., C:\CounterPoint\MyCompany\Import).

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