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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Account management (Enterprise)

This version includes an Account Management function (Customers/ Account Management) that allows you to view and maintain a variety of customer account information. This feature allows you to better serve your customers and to more easily manage their credit, by presenting all relevant information about a customer account and allowing you to perform account-related activities from a single, unified interface.

The Main, Contacts, and A/R info tabs of the Account Management window includes much of the general information that appears on the corresponding tabs of the Customers window (Customers / Customers).

For an A/R customer, the Main tab includes a Last aging pie chart, which depicts the portion of the customer’s balance in each aging period.

The Main tab also includes the Account management notes area, which allows you to Add, Edit, and Delete a note for the customer.


To use the Account management note area, you must first define a Note ID on the A/R Processing tab of the Customer Control window (Setup / Customers / Control).

If you have selected the Save copies to disk check box on the A/R Processing tab of the Customer Control window and generated statements (using Customers / Reports / Statements), you can preview and print a customer’s last statement, or send it via e-mail as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file from the A/R info tab.

Click Print statement to print the customer’s last statement.

Click View Statement to preview the statement in the Crystal Reports Viewer.

Click Email statement to start a new message in your default e-mail client and attach the customer’s statement as a PDF file.

The A/R info tab also includes the Age customer button, which allows you to instantly age a customer’s account.

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