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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


MSSQL 2000/MSDE support to be discontinued

Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) 2000 and MSDE will be supported for all CounterPoint releases in 2007. MSSQL 2000/ MSDE support will be discontinued beginning with the first CounterPoint release in 2008.

Windows 2000 support discontinued

Windows 2000 Professional is no longer supported for use with CounterPoint. Supported operating systems include Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003.

Altiris support discontinued

The Altiris Software Delivery Suite is no longer delivered with CounterPoint or supported as a method of deploying CounterPoint in a Multi-Site environment. Only the command- line deployment method is supported.

The deployment scripts that are delivered with CounterPoint have not been modified to prevent the use of the Altiris Software Delivery Suite. If you are updating a Multi-Site environment from a previous version, you may continue to use the Altiris deployment method to update your CounterPoint software and databases to V8.3.5. However, Radiant systems will no longer provide support for the Altiris deployment method.

For more information about obtaining support for the Altiris Software Delivery Suite and Altiris Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP), contact Altiris at 888-252-5551.

Improved Data Dictionary and resource locking

CounterPoint relies on a third-party database program, DBISAM, to store Data Dictionary settings, resource locks, and various other system settings. CounterPoint now includes DBISAM 4.23, which provides numerous performance improvements and offers increased stability and reliability.

When you update from a previous version of CounterPoint, your Data Dictionary files will be updated to the new format automatically. Data Dictionary files from previous versions are not compatible with V8.3.5.

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