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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes



Automated data transfer with CPOnline

In this version, you can configure CounterPoint to automatically connect to your CPOnline store to periodically publish items (Ecommerce / Publish) and/or import orders (Ecommerce / Import).

You can use Setup / Ecommerce / Control to enable the automatic exchange of data between CounterPoint and CPOnline and define the necessary settings to allow CounterPoint to connect to your CPOnline store.

Sample scripts and batch files are included that you can modify and schedule—using the Windows Scheduled Task Wizard or CounterPoint’s Configuration Utilities—to publish ecommerce items and import CPOnline orders on a regular, automated basis.

This feature will be delivered in a V8.3.5 Service Pack.

New choices for Vendor source (brand)

CPOnline shoppers can view and search for merchandise by Vendor (i.e., "brand"). Previously, CounterPoint published the Vendor name of each item's primary vendor as the Vendor for that item to CPOnline.

You can now specify the field in CounterPoint that will be published as the Vendor to CPOnline. You can choose the Vendor name or Primary vendor, or one of six Item attribute fields, five Alpha profile fields, or five Code profile fields. This feature allows you to display a value other than the Vendor name in your CPOnline store, enabling you to better organize your store and provide your online customers with an improved shopping experience.

To specify the CounterPoint data source for the CPOnline Vendor value for each item you publish to your online store, select Setup / Ecommerce / Control, select the Items tab, and then select the appropriate Vendor source option.

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