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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Sales History

Sales Rep Productivity report

This version includes the SALES REP PRODUCTIVITY report, which allows retail managers to monitor the productivity of sales reps in units and dollars sold per hour over specified periods. This report is useful for identifying and motivating sales reps with poor performance or for rewarding superior performance.

You can generate the SALES REP PRODUCTIVITY report for a particular sales rep or for an entire store. You can also specify one or two date ranges for the report, allowing you to compare sales rep productivity during specific periods.

To generate this report, select Sales History / Reports / Sales Rep Productivity, select a sorting option from the Order by field, and then define the appropriate parameters for the report.

Specify the start date and end date for the first Report period you want to include on the report (i.e., period A).

To include a second Report period for comparison, select the B check box and specify the date range for the second period.

Select the Group by store check box to group the report by store.

If you select the Group by store check box, you can select the Show store totals check box to present only totals for each store on the report, instead of totals for individual sales reps.

Select the appropriate Print sales rep option to specify how each sales rep will be identified on the report (e.g., by Name, User ID, Initials, and so forth).

Use the User and Ticket History Line tabs to define filtering criteria that will determine which users and tickets are included on the report.

A sample SALES REP PRODUCTIVITY report is illustrated below.


If you are not using timecards, the Sales/hr and Qty/hr values will be zero.

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