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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Purge Ticket History utility

This version includes the Purge Ticket History utility, which allows you to delete ticket history that you no longer wish to retain. Purging old or unneeded ticket history from your database simplifies your records, improves system performance, and reduces the size of your database.

Purging removes ALL information for the purged tickets. Purged tickets will no longer be included in ANY historical report. Further, NO sales history or information about inventory or customer sales will be available for purged tickets.

In a Multi-Site environment, the Purge Ticket History utility can only be used at the Hub. Purged tickets will be removed from Remote databases during their next replication sessions.

Select Sales History / Utilities / Purge Ticket History to display the Purge Ticket History window, and then specify an Event cutoff date. Only tickets whose events were posted on or before the date you specify will be purged.

Select the Tickets check box to purge history for sale and return tickets.

Select the Voids check box to purge history for voided tickets.

Select the Orders and Layaways check boxes to purge release tickets that were generated from orders and layaways.

You can use the Event tab to define additional filtering criteria to specify a particular range of ticket posting events to purge.


To prevent unauthorized users from purging ticket history, you should exclude the Sales History / Utilities / Purge Ticket History command from the menu code of any user who should not be able to access this utility.

When you have specified the appropriate filtering criteria, click Preview to display the PURGE TICKET HISTORY report. This report lists the ticket posting events that will be purged, as determined by the criteria you have defined.

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