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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Radiant hardware bundles

Radiant Systems offers a family of Point-of-Sale terminals and a variety of peripherals that are fully compatible with CounterPoint.

To simplify the process of configuring and setting up complete systems, Radiant now offers a series of pre-configured hardware bundles. Each bundle includes a POS terminal, keyboard, integration tray, cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and a 2x20 line display or a 5.5" LCD customer display.

Bundles are available to meet virtually any need. Premium (P) bundles are based on the P1550 POS terminal, while Value (V) bundles include the P1220 POS terminal. Bundles that are appropriate for use with Terminal Services (TS) are available in both Premium and Value configurations.

Configuring CounterPoint to work with a Radiant hardware bundle is a straightforward process of connecting the included peripherals to specific ports on your POS terminal, installing CounterPoint, and then loading the pre-configured device group (.XML) file for your bundle.

This process, along with the contents of each Radiant hardware bundle, is detailed in the Radiant Hardware document in the CounterPoint SQL PDF Library.

Credit Cards

First Data South

First Data South (formerly NaBANCO) has been certified as a CounterPoint SQL Preferred Processor.

Preferred Processor certification guarantees compliance with rapidly changing credit card standards, access to the most favorable processing rates, and support for credit card and debit card processing over CPGateway (www.cpgateway.com) and dial-up connections.

The First Data South platform also supports check authorization through Certegy and TeleCheck; industry classifications (i.e., Retail, MOTO, and Ecommerce) address verification (AVS/AAV) and card identification (CVV2/CVC2/CID) services; and Level II Purchase cards.


Debit cards are only supported in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. EBT food stamps are not supported through First Data South.

The First Data South platform is particularly well-suited for processing transactions in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Refer to Credit Cards in the CounterPoint SQL PDF Library for more information about configuring CounterPoint to process through First Data South.

This feature was delivered in a V8.3.4 Service Pack.

Card number masking on receipts and invoices

To ensure compliance with CISP requirements, only the last four digits of credit card numbers appear on CounterPoint’s standard receipts and invoice forms; all other digits are masked (e.g., ************9876).

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