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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Offline Ticket Entry Option

Updating workstations more easily

In previous versions, updating an Offline Ticket Entry environment to a new version of CounterPoint was a time-consuming process that required you to download files to all of your workstations and run a deployment task or script on each one. You now have the option of allowing CounterPoint’s built-in workstation update capability to automatically update your workstations to the new version. This feature makes the process of updating an Offline Ticket Entry environment much simpler and faster.

After you update your First Site server—and all Remote servers, if you are using the Multi-Site Option—to a new version with the normal deployment process, you no longer have to visit each workstation.

Instead, the next time a user starts CounterPoint at a workstation, the software detects that the version on the server is newer and informs the user. If the user chooses to proceed, the workstation automatically updates to the new version, and then allows the user to log in to CounterPoint.


Any user can start the automatic update process; the user no longer needs to have Administrator rights.

In addition, if the workstation is designated as an offline system, a deployment script completes the additional tasks that are necessary, including updating the local (i.e., offline mode) database, upgrading PeerDirect software, updating top-level files, and so forth. Since the deployment script runs in the background and only affects offline programs and data, the user can continue to use CounterPoint during this process.


If you prefer, you can continue to use the normal deployment process to update your offline workstations, as outlined in Multi-Site and Offline Ticket Entry in the CounterPoint SQL PDF Library.

Refer to Multi-Site and Offline Ticket Entry in the CounterPoint SQL PDF Library for more information about updating CounterPoint in an Offline Ticket Entry environment.

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