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CounterPoint SQL V8.3.5 Release Notes


Updating workstations more easily

Previously, when a user started CounterPoint after an updated version was installed on the server, CounterPoint’s built-in workstation update capability detected the newer version and prompted the user to update the software.

However, the user needed Administrator rights to proceed with the update. Since most users do not have Administrator rights, this restriction effectively required an administrator to update each workstation.

The automatic update feature has been improved to allow any user to update a workstation to V8.3.5 from V8.3.1 or later; Administrator rights are no longer required. For most systems, this enhancement simplifies the update process and reduces the amount of time that is required to update to V8.3.5.

Refer to the CounterPoint SQL Update Guide for more information about allowing users without Administrator rights to update your CounterPoint system to a new version.

Refer to Updating workstations more easily in Offline Ticket Entry Option on page 89 for more information about additional workstation update improvements for Offline Ticket Entry environments.

Allowing non-administrator users to access CounterPoint

Previously, you were required to have Administrator rights to your system to install CounterPoint, update databases, install Service Packs, and run the software.

In this version, users are no longer required to have Administrator rights to install CounterPoint Service Packs or to run the software. This feature allows all users to access CounterPoint, without requiring you to grant them Administrator rights. This feature also allows non-administrator users to automatically update their workstations after installing a Service Pack on the server.


Administrator rights are still required to install a brand new CounterPoint system.

System Configuration Utility

This version includes the new System Configuration Utility, which you can access from the CounterPoint program group in the Windows Start menu. The System Configuration Utility is designed to serve as a launching point for various CounterPoint utilities, collecting them into a single “dock” window.

Currently, the System Configuration Utility dock includes the Companies button, which allows you to access the Company Name utility to define database connection strings for CounterPoint companies.

In future Service Packs and releases, the System Configuration Utility dock will include additional buttons, allowing users to easily access a variety of system-related tools, such as the forthcoming Scheduled Tasks utility.

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