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[* Co-authored with Beverle Houston]

Book Reviews The Great Spanish Films: 1950-1990, by Ronald Schwartz. Film Quarterly 46, no. 1 (Fall

1992): 59. Out of the Past: Spanish Cinema after Franco, by John Hopewell. Film Quarterly (Spring

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Film Retrospectives and Special Projects Curator of a retrospective of Spanish films of the 1990s at Southern Methodist University,

October 2000. Curator of the film series, "Refiguring Spain," USC, January 20- February 10, 1996.

Co-sponsored by the Oficina de Educaci6n, the Spanish Ministry of Culture, and the University of Southern California. A program of 21 films. Co-curator of American Cinematheque program of "Recent Spanish Cinema,"

March 1994, the first of what has become an annual series. Co-director (with Cristina Venegas) of "Border Crossings," at USC, November

1991, two weekends of screenings and a one-day conference on contemporary Mexican and Chicano cinema and video; funded by a Rockefeller Grant. Co-curator (with Katherine Kovacs) of "Spanish Cinema: The Politics of Family


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