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Name at Place: United States Answer Key

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    Navassa. Columbus managed to find the American territory of Navassa in 1507, but today the 2-square-mile island remains virtually invisible to tourists and cruise ships that swarm the Caribbean.

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    Superior. Lake Superior, the largest, highest, and deepest of the Great Lakes, is also the world’s largest freshwater lake.

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    Susquehanna. In 1872, the normally quite shallow 444-mi long Susquehanna—swollen by the rains brought by Hurricane Agnes—flooded, causing one of the greatest flood disasters in U.S. history.

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    Death Valley, Calif. Death Valley’s high temperature of July 10, 1913, is bested only by the 136˚F recorded in El Azizia, Libya.

  • 5.

    Quabbin in Massachusetts. Two huge earthen dams were built in the 1930s, using the Swift River and, seasonally, the Ware River, to create Quabbin reservoir, which is 39 square miles and has 181 miles of shoreline.

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    California. Our third largest state, California, boasts the most national forests.

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    Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, Hawaii. The states of the western seaboard, includ- ing Alaska and Hawaii, are the North American players in the Ring of Fire.

  • 8.

    New York. Lake Champlain forms much of the border between Vermont its western neighbor, New York.

  • 9.

    Alabama and Georgia. Originating in northern Georgia and flowing SW to the border with Alabama, the Chattahoochee River joins the Flint River and turns into the Apalachicola River.

  • 10.

    rapids in Richmond, Va. Richmond, Va., where the James River falls across a series of rapids down to the tidal estuary of the James River, is one example of a fall line city.

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    Piedmont. “Piedmont” is French for foothills.

  • 12.

    Butte, Mont. This city is the birthplace of Robert Craig, “Evel Knievel,” and was named a

Distinctive Destination by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2002.

  • 13.

    Columbia. Grand Coulee, now a reservoir in the Columbia basin project, was a former stream channel of the Columbia River, created during the last ice age.

  • 14.

    the Rocky Mountains. The major rivers rising in the Rockies include the Rio Grande, Arkan- sas, Platte, Yellowstone, Missouri, Saskatchewan, Peace, Athabasca, Liard, Colorado, Colum- bia, Snake, Fraser, and Yukon rivers.

15. Birmingham, Ala. Overlooking Birmingham, on nearby Red Mt., is a huge iron statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of the forge.


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