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b. For covered "poultry", the Limit of Insurance per bird under any provision of this Coverage Form applicable to "poultry" will be its cash market value as of the time of loss.

c. The Limit of Insurance on any one item of miscellaneous equipment is $2,000.

d. The most we will pay for loss of or damage to any one head of "livestock" (other than animals individually described and specifically covered under this coverage) is

the least of the following amounts: (1) 120% of the amount obtained


dividing the total insurance on the class and type of animal involved by the number of head of that class and type owned by you as of the time of loss.

(2) The actual cash value of the animal destroyed or damaged.

(3) $2,000.

Each horse, mule or head of cattle under one year of age as of time of loss will be counted as 1/2 head.

B. Coverage E Conditions

Coverage E is subject to the following Loss Conditions as well as to the Farm Property Conditions (see Farm Property – Other Farm Provisions Form – Additional Coverages, Conditions, Definitions) and the Common Policy Conditions.


1. Portable Buildings And Portable Structures That You Own

The most we will pay for loss of or damage to this property in any one occurrence is the proportion that the applicable Limit of Insurance shown in the Declarations bears to the value of all portable buildings and portable structures you own as of the time of loss.

2. Pro Rata Distribution – Applicable Only to Grain, Hay, Straw and Fodder, to Farm Machinery, Vehicles and Equipment, and to Poultry in Unheated Buildings.

This Condition applies only if Scheduled "farm personal property" is covered at more than one "insured location". The Limit of Insurance for any category of covered "farm personal property" mentioned in the heading of this Condition will apply at any one "insured location" in the proportion that the value of Covered Property in that category at that location bears to the value of all Covered Property in that category at all "insured locations".

3. Livestock, Poultry, Bees, Fish, Worms and Other Animals

With respect to "livestock", "poultry", bees, fish, worms, and other animals, the term loss means death or destruction caused by, resulting from or made necessary by a Covered Cause of Loss.

4. Valuation

In the event of loss of or damage to covered "farm personal property", we will settle at actual cash value as of time of loss, but we will not pay more than the amount necessary for repair or replacement.

5. Coverage Territory

We cover loss or damage commencing within the coverage territory. The coverage territory is:

  • a.

    The United States of America;

  • b.

    Puerto Rico; and

  • c.



A. Coverage

We will pay for direct physical loss of or damage to Covered Property at the "insured location" described in the Declarations, or elsewhere as expressly provided below, caused by or resulting from any Covered Cause of Loss.

1. Covered Property

All of the following are Covered Property under Coverage F of this Coverage Form, provided a Limit of Insurance is shown in the Declarations:

  • a.

    All items of "farm personal property" on the "insured location", except for items specified under Paragraph 2. Property Not Covered; and

  • b.

    The following items of "farm personal property" away from the "insured location":

    • (1)

      Grain, ground feed, fertilizer, fodder, hay, herbicides, manufactured and blended "livestock" feed, pesticides, silage, straw, threshed beans and threshed seeds, except while:







commercial manufacturing

drying plants,

plants, public

elevators, seed warehouses; or



(b) In the custody of a common or contract carrier.

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Copyright, Insurance Services Office, Inc., 1997

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