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  • (2)

    "Livestock", except while:

    • (a)

      In the custody of a common or contract carrier;

(b) At public stockyards, sales barns or

yards; or

(c) At





k. Automobiles,



motorized bicycles or tricycles, mopeds, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, four-wheel all-terrain vehicles; mobile homes, house trailers; vehicles primarily designed and licensed for road use (other than farm wagons and farm trailers); watercraft or aircraft; or the equipment, tires or parts of any of these;

But for "livestock”, the Basic or Broad Covered Causes of Loss are the only

Covered Causes of Loss.

(3) Farm



implements, tools and supplies, except:

  • (a)

    Items specified under Paragraph 2. Property Not Covered; or

  • (b)

    While in the custody of a common or contract carrier.

  • l.

    Fences; windmills or windchargers or their towers;

  • m.

    Bulk milk tanks, bulk feed tanks or bins attached to buildings or structures; barn cleaners, pasteurizers or boilers; any permanent fixtures within or attached to a building;

  • n.

    Outdoor radio or television equipment;

  • o.

    Portable buildings or portable structures;

  • 2.

    Property Not Covered Covered Property does not include:

    • a.

      Household or personal property usual to a "dwelling";

    • b.

      Magnetic recording or storage media for electronic data processing, such as cell, disc, drum, file and tape, over or above their replacement value:

      • (1)

        As prepackaged software programs; or

      • (2)

        In unexposed or blank form; whichever is greater.

    • c.

      Animals other than "livestock";

    • d.

      "Poultry", bees, fish or worms;

    • e.

      Racehorses, show horses or show ponies;

    • f.

      Any of the following while being stored or processed in manufacturing plants, public elevators, warehouses, seed houses or commercial drying plants: grain, threshed seeds, threshed beans, hay, straw, fodder, silage, ground feed, herbicides, fertilizer, manufactured or blended "livestock" feed;

    • g.

      Trees, plants, shrubs or lawns;

    • h.

      Tobacco, cotton, vegetables, root crops, potatoes, bulbs, fruit or nursery stock;

    • i.

      Crops in the open, except to the extent provided for in the applicable Coverage Extension in Section II of this Coverage Form;

    • j.

      Contents of chicken fryer or broiler houses, laying houses, "poultry" brooder or duck or turkey houses;

p. q.

Irrigation equipment;





specifically covered in whole or in part under another Coverage or Coverage Form of this or any other policy;

r. Cotton pickers combines; or



    • s.

      Any property shown in the Declarations under the heading Other Property Not Covered Under Coverage F.

  • 3.

    Special Limits Of Insurance Under Coverage F

Under Coverage F, individual "livestock" are subject to Special Limits of Insurance. These Special Limits are part of, not in addition to, the applicable Limit of Insurance shown in the Declarations.

The most we will pay for loss of or damage to any one head of "livestock" is:

    • a.

      $1,000 on any horse, mule or head of cattle under one year of age as of time of loss; and

    • b.

      $2,000 on any head of "livestock" not included under a. above. If it becomes necessary to impose the penalty provided for in the last sentence of the Coverage F Loss Condition – Coinsurance (see B.2. below), no amount used as the actual cash value of an animal will exceed the applicable Limit of Insurance specified above.

  • B.

    Coverage F Conditions Coverage F is subject to the following Loss Conditions as well as to the Farm Property Conditions (see the Farm Property – Other Farm Provisions Form – Additional Coverages, Conditions, Definitions) and the Common Policy Conditions.

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