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More than a dozen of Privitera's patients with candidiasis have reported significant improvements with Olive Leaf Extract. They speak of less infections, allergies, fatigue, dullness and more energy One woman said she was able to clean out her garage, which was full of dust, and before Olive Leaf Extract, that would have been impossible for her.

Bacterial Infections

The bactericidal effect of Olive Leaf Extract was dramatically evident in the case of a 64-year-old physician bedridden for four years since suffering a major stroke. He also had recurrent bladder infections which would cause considerable pain, smelly urine and fever.

All efforts to control the condition had failed, including a $1,000 antibiotic specially prepared for him. The patient experienced constant discomfort. His urine was cloudy and "looked like soup." Often, it contained blood. After one month on Olive Leaf Extract, the infections had vanished and after six months, the condition has not recurred. He has been taking a standard dose of four capsules daily.

The patient also used to suffer from frequent allergies and colds and took medication frequently to keep these in check. The incidence and severity have been significantly minimized with Olive Leaf Extract and he requires considerably less medicine.

Skin Conditions

After two months with Olive Leaf Extract, a male patient reported "significant" improvement for a chronic scalp infection he had suffered with for more than ten years. "It had flared up causing very painful eruptions and lesions in my scalp which, over time, have killed quite a few hair follicles," he said. "Modern medical doctors and dermatologists have been unable to eradicate (the condition). I had resolved myself to the fact that there was no cure. I am satisfied that I am getting some significant results from using Olive Leaf Extract. My scalp remains a little tender, but the eruptions have all but ceased. I am continuing to use the product about twice a day, and the skin color is much healthier than it has been in recent time.

"No matter what drug therapy my doctors have prescribed in the past, none has provided me with the level of relief I am currently experiencing. I would gladly recommend this product to others suffering chronic skin ailments."

A female patient reported better energy and disappearance of a rash in thirty days..The rash occurred in winter, or during times of extreme cold.

Tropical Illnesses

Olive Leaf Extract may have considerable therapeutic potential in the treatment of tropical infections such as malaria and dengue. Malaria is caused by protozoans carried by infected mosquitoes. In 1906, olive leaf extracts were found to be far superior to quinine in the treatment of malarial infections. Quinine was preferred, however, because it was easier to administer. Now in capsule



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