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Olive leaf extract has 98 constituents that can be pulled out of the raw leafs. (a)(m)

(See the Handbook of Phytochemical constituents of GRAS herbs & other economic plants list By James A. Duke, Author in the back of this article.) As you look over these constituents the first thing you'll notice is that there is no Calcium elenolate or Elenolic acid, but what you do find is Oleuropein.

Oleuropein, one of the coustituents of olive leaf extract, is only (-) left handed in nature. (b)(c) And is noted as the antiviral particulate of the extract.(f)

By left-handed we mean that Oleuropein does not have stereo isomers (left & right) or twin- molecules as do many compounds according to the Merck Index on phytochemicals. Oleuropein, when ingested, breaks down into other compounds, one of which is elenolic acid. (Elenolic acid has been found to be highly virucidal in lab tests.) (d)(e)(g)

Two enzymes do the job of breaking down Oleuropein to predominately (+) Right-handed elenolic acid in your blood stream. (h)(f)

The enzymes, esterase & beta-glucosidase automatically break down Oleuropein to predominately (+) right-handed elenolic acid in the blood stream. Elenolic acid has altered isomers or twin molecules. The right-handed molecule of elenolic acid does not bind blood serum protein and remains virucidal. That's the secret of why it works. This means if you have Oleuropein in your extract it will work to some degree in your body depending on how it was processed.

Right-handed elenolic acid does not bind blood serum protein.

In the late 70's The Upjohn Company hydrolyzed (pulled out) elenolic acid from Oleuropein.(I) After mineral acid hydrolysis duly the left-handed form of elenolic acid was produced. Then they took one of its hydrolysates, a salt of elenolic acid, calcium elenolate, which was also only left- handed, and tested it in the test tube and in humans. It worked great in the test tube (in vitro), but blood serum protein bound in all the human studies (in vivo) rendering it ineffectual. The right- handed molecule however was never used.

The difference is that Oieuropeln works much differently In the body, Bio-chemist W. L. C. Veer claimed that Oleuropein, when ingested, automatically hydrolyzcd in-vivo to elenolic acid and produces a hypotensive effect. He believed the hydrolyzing takes place because esterase & beta- glucosidase enzymes are always present in your blood and should yield predominately right-handed, but also some left-handed molecules of elenolic acid.

After talking with Harold Renis, he informed me that they (The UpJohn Co.) believed that the left- handed molecule was the virucidal form, so they disregarded the right-handed form. (j) Further investigation and independent studies have proved that W. L. C. Veer was correct, the rlght-handed molecule of elenolic acid does not blood serum protein bind. It was further noted by Veer that it is beta-glucosidase that hydrolyzes Oleuropein to the dextrorotory or the (+) right-hand form of elenolic acid, which we now know, does not blood serum protein bind. (e)(k)(t)



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