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Calcium elenolate is not in olive leaf extracts nor does it occur in your body.

When researching olive leaf extract components, calcium elenolate is never shown as a component.(a) That is because calcium elenolate is one of the hydrolysates (a salt) of elenolic acid. It is a synthesized compound. It was only produced in the lab by mineral acid hydrolysis, boiling calcium carbonate with elenolic acid, which produces calcium elenolate.(j)(l)(t) No scientific or medical literature exists on the body conversion of elenolic acid to calcium elenolate.

Calcium elenolate cannot be concentrated (right or left) from an olive leaf extract.

Since calcium elenolate doesn't appear in olive leaf extracts, (a) it's impossible to concentrate it. However, there are some companies that would like you to believe they do. (n)(See Reference z) Why? Again, Marketing! They've got to be different, right?

Oleuropein can be concentrated!

Since it is Oleuropein in the olive leaf extract, not elenolic acid or calcium elenolate, Oleuropein is then what is concentrated from an extract. For every molecule of Oleuropein concentrated from olive leaf extract you concentrate one molecule of right-handed elenolic acid. The more Oleuropein you concentrate, the more elenolic acid you have. (e)(h)(p)

Who really discovered the solution to blood serum protein binding?

One company claims that in 1995 they discovered the solution to the blood serum protein binding problem that The Upjohn Company came up against in the 70's.(n) But the truth is, it was Willaim Robert Fredrickson, a lay chemist, in 1989, that uncovered the mystery.(o) Fredrickson found that when Oleuropein entered the blood stream it was automatically changed predominately to right handed elenolic acid because of the two enzymes esterase & beta-glucosidase.

William Fredrickson published papers (which are in the Library of Congress)(h) to this effect. The vice president of the company, claiming to have solved the mystery, used to be William Fredrickson's partner in 1992 (NFN Company) before he was vice president of the current claiming company. (Gee, wonder where he got the information on how to make a good olive leaf extract!)

Who really discovered the solution to blood serum protein binding?In 1995 there was only one company making an olive leaf extract.

Therefore, in 1995 there was only one extraction method.(s) It is true that all conventional methods of manufacture will produce an extract that is useless in the body. All conventional methods are too hot and would burn up Oleuropein.(n) Oleuropein is classified as an iridoid by nature and iridoids can be extremely heat sensitive and unstable.(r) It's now 1999 and there are other unconventional methods that are producing good olive leaf extracts.

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